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Eleven premieres.
125 shows. 42 workshops.

And we’re just
getting started.

Since 2017, we’ve commissioned eleven new works in music, dance and drama, put on 125 live shows, sponsored 42 workshops and master classes for more than 700 students of all ages, drawn some 12,000 people downtown and had an estimated $1.4 million positive impact on the local economy.

Noah Baerman, 2019 Artists' Award Recipient

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Who’s performed

DBR: Elvis Suarez

US Coast Guard Band: USCG, PA2 Richard Brahm

Madison Lyric Stage: Cathi Bosco

Dingonek Street Band: Judith L. Barbosa

John Spignesi Band: Isa Rose

Shoreline Ballet: Joeline Connellan

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