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Black & Silver Chooses Five Women Storytellers

Jennifer Munro and Denise Page, who as Black and Silver Productions received one of our two 2022 Artists’ Awards in Drama, have chosen five women storytellers to perform at the festival on Saturday, September 23, starting at 11:30 a.m. They are Carol Birch of Southbury (bottom center); Jean Le Bec of Brooklyn, New York (bottom left); Nina Lesiga of Stratford (top right); Wendy Marans of Hamden (top center); and Jessica Robinson of Fairfax, Virginia (top left).

This is storytelling, adult-style, though it will be appropriate for people of all ages. The performers were chosen from video submissions from women around the country. The show is an evolution of Black and Silver’s Women Tell series of women’s storytelling events on the Shoreline.

The festival’s program, Women Tell: Our Firsts, will present five 10-minute stories of the women’s firsts in life, such as being the first child in a family to attend college, the first to marry outside the family’s culture, the first-generation American, the first to come out, to learn a foreign language, to be elected to government office, to perform surgery, etc.


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