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Goodnight Moonshine to Perform at Festival

Folk duo Goodnight Moonshine—Molly Venter and Eben Pariser—will bring their unique blend of jazz-tinged Americana/roots music to the 2023 GreenStage festival’s main stage on Saturday, September 23, at 3:30 p.m.

Songwriter, singer and guitarist Venter is best known as a member of the female vocal trio Red Molly; multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Pariser is musical director and drummer for Red Molly as well as singer and bass player for the jug-band blues, New Orleans soul and neo-folk band Roosevelt Dime.

Venter has a voice that’s been described as “like silk” and “biker-chick smoky.” Her trance-induced, stream-of-consciousness lyrics plumb the depths of her inner life and explore the complexities of birth, life, death and her relationship with Pariser, her husband, as well as to the natural world.

Pariser is a former New York street musician who started out as a blues guitarist and got seduced by jazz. He brings the textures, phrasing and adventurousness of jazz to Goodnight Moonshine, resulting in, as they say on their website, “folk music with a depth of improvisation and tonal subtlety usually reserved for jazz.”

You can check out their latest single, What Do You Wanna Know, on YouTube. Catch ‘em in Connecticut while you can, as they take off for Oregon shortly after the festival.


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