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Marika Kuzma’s Other Side

We were so excited when Marika Kuzma agreed to lead a singing workshop, featuring songs from Ukraine (the place of her heritage), during the 2023 GreenStage Live Arts festival, and even more so when she agreed to join our Advisory Board. We were familiar with her stature as one of the world’s great conductors and chorus masters, but we had no idea about another side of Marika—actress!

Marika has a small role in the movie Midas, which is showing this week at Real Art Ways in Hartford and the Westbrook Cinemas in Westbrook. Filmed in Hartford, the movie tells the story of a charismatic college dropout who gets a job at a big insurance company, plots with a friend to steal thousands of dollars, then uncovers a darker scheme. Marika plays an insurance company worker. Support local movie houses and go see it while you can!


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