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StoryCorps Slots Filling Up

Storytelling is something of a theme of this year’s festival, and in addition of putting some great storytellers and poets on stage, we’re giving you an opportunity to share and record your own stories. In our StoryCorps DIY program, inspired by the national storytelling initiative StoryCorps, we’re setting up a studio in a cozy, private meeting room at the Guilford Free Library, where pairs of festival-goers can record conversations with one another.

You need to register, and you should do it soon because we have only 10 slots available, and as of this posting, nearly half of them were taken. Former ABC News radio correspondent Richard Davies is hosting and facilitating the program. Participants will have up to 45 minutes to chat with one another; they’ll receive a digital copy the recording, while another copy will be sent to the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to become part of the largest born-digital archive of human voices ever collected.


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