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Try Bomba, a 400-Year-old Dance from Puerto Rico

GreenStage attendees will have an opportunity to experience and learn the 400-year-old music and dance tradition from Puerto Rico known as Bomba.

Enslaved Africans forcibly brought to Puerto Rico in the 1500s used Bomba to make music, communicate among one another, share stories, and plan escapes and revolts. Bomba remains a strong expression of cultural identity and resistance in many communities today.

New Haven-based Movimiento Cultural, a cultural, arts and community organization that educates people about Puerto Rico’s rich African-based folklore and other art forms, will present Bomba music, dance and rhythms in a blended performance/workshop at the 2023 GreenStage festival on Saturday, September 23, at 1:30 p.m.

Participants will learn the history of Bomba and of the instruments, rhythms and stories, and have a chance to try out the dance moves.


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