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We can spell!! We just weren't fast enough!

GreenStage’s “BeeNStage” team, our friends and family had a great time at the Guilford Fund for Education Adult Spelling Bee on Friday night. We didn’t win, but we were solidly in the running. It was down to us and one other team in our round, and the word “fascicle” threw us just enough that we dithered and didn’t get it written on the game board in time. We had it spelled correctly but were eliminated on a TKO—made all the more heartbreaking since the other team misspelled it but went on to the final round!


But it was never about winning. Our competitive tendencies notwithstanding, it was wonderful to support GFFE, to be part of such a great community event and recognize yet again what a terrific place Guilford is. One of our friends—a relative newcomer to town—remarked, “We’ve never lived anywhere with such community spirit,” and was he ever right!

Congratulations to the A Bee C Three team (above, GFFE photo)—Adrienne Nugent, Laura Smulski and Katie Cardoso—for outlasting us all and taking home the Best of Hive trophy! Thanks, GFFE, for putting on a great event and for everything else you do for Guilford—and thanks, Guilford, for coming out so enthusiastically in such numbers. We’ll be back next year—older, wiser and hopefully a bit quicker on the draw.


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